Free comes from the «free» concept, that is, it is an urban walk with qualified guides with no set price. Once the tour is over, you are free to set the price you want based on your degree of satisfaction.

Yes! In the event that the tour does not leave, we will notify you in advance.

Through the reservation forms you will find on each route.

You can approach the meeting point at the time of the route and sign up but we always advise reservations in case the tour does not take place we can contact you and especially on weekends, we cannot guarantee that there are places.

By the confirmation email we send you to the email or you can call the same day of the route to do so +34 655 91 85 07.

If there were any unforeseen, we would contact you with enough time so we recommend leaving your information correctly.

Yes, a route that only you and who decide will go. It will be closed to the public. For example: routes for couples, family for larger groups such as companies, schools or even for a single person. We propose our routes and themes, unlike the public ones, you choose day and time. In addition, we adapt the route to any need or request. For more information contact us at email: